Vision: “To be the leading provider of Inclusive sport, health and educational activities in the county”



“I am absolutely delighted to be taking on the exciting new role of Sports Participation Ambassador at Cheltenham Town. I’m looking forward to supporting the Trust as much as I possibly can to help children right across Gloucestershire and in our local community get involved in sport as much as possible, stay active and adopt a healthy lifestyle.”

Johnny Mullins Participation Ambassador


“It’s fantastic to become the new Health Ambassador at Cheltenham Town. I always strive to adopt a healthy lifestyle, both in football and away from the game, and I’m excited about educating young people on the importance of being healthy in all they do. From healthy eating to looking after their body, it’s great that the Robins are once again raising awareness of this issue.”

Jordon Forster
Health Ambassador


“think it’s vitally important that children enjoy the benefits of sport but also see how a strong education can set them up for later life. It’s great that Cheltenham Town Community Trust are once again focusing on this key area, are working hard to engage with more youngsters and showing them that education is the ticket to fulfilling their dreams and having a productive life.”

Conor Thomas
Education Ambassador


“I’m really happy to take on the role of Social Inclusion and Women’s and Girls Ambassador, this is a key issue for the club so it’s great to be involved. Making football and sport accessible to all is crucially important. The women’s and girl’s game is also rapidly expanding in the UK so it’s fantastic to see the Community Trust showing that football really is for everybody.”

Ryan Broom
Inclusion Ambassador

This year sees Cheltenham Town Community Trust celebrating 10 years as a Trust.  Simon Perruzza (Chief Executive Officer) said: 

“Ten years is an incredible achievement for everyone involved with the Trust both past and present.  I have been with the Trust from the very beginning and feel so proud and delighted to be a part of something that makes such a difference to people’s lives.  We have a fantastic team who all play a very important part in ensuring the success of the projects we deliver and making everyone’s aspirations and dreams come to life”