GIRLTalk provides information for year 9 girls at school; it is primarily based on sexual and mental health topics, but also involves physical activities to help promote and support a healthy lifestyle.

GIRLTalk is relevant for all year 9 girls, not only dismissing myths around mental health but also pointing them towards the guidance and support that they may need. Pupils can discuss concerns confidentially and realise that girls can talk!

The programme consists of a seven-week course, each session lasting one-hour covering sexual health topics and mental well-being relevant to girls at school and in other educational settings; particular to girls who may have any of these issues arise during their teenage years. All sessions are delivered by a female football coach trained in the gender-sensitive delivery of health work with teenage girls. Each session consists of a 30-minute classroom-based activity, followed by 30 minutes of football or physical activity. The emphasis during the physical activity is very much on reinforcing the health messages covered in the classroom-based sessions.

Topics Covered

What are mental health and positive mental attitudes
Understand what mental health is and how it can affect everybody differently.
Causes and triggers of mental health, coping strategies and the support that girls can get.  Positive mental attitude and how it can help the general outlook on specific situations.  Self-confidence and its impact on sports performance.

Stress, Anxiety and Money management
Knowing how stress and anxiety can affect people’s behaviour.  Emotional and physical signs of anxiety and how it can affect the way you think.  The importance of money management and preparing for the future.

Body Image
Understand what body image is and how it can affect people in different ways.  Where to go for support and guidance.  Knowing the importance of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.

Understand the effect bullying can have on individuals.  Know the different types of bullying.  Understand what bullying can lead to.

Sex, Relationships and LGBTQ
Understand what consensual sex is and knowing it is okay to say no.  Have knowledge of where to go for help if it is needed.  Know what a relationship is and understand healthy and unhealthy relationships.  Understand what LGBTQ is, how to deal with it and how it can relate to mental health issues.

Alcohol and Drugs
Understand the effects of alcohol and drugs on the body and on a person’s mental health.  Know the consequences of drinking and taking drugs – The Law

Online Awareness
Understand the risks of being online  Know what information to not give out on the internet.  Knowledge of where to go if you need help.

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